Code of Ethics
Basic Principles of Code of Ethics A Paralegal shall strive to achieve and maintain a high level of competence. A Paralegal shall maintain a high level of personal and professional integrity. A...
SAPA Constitution
SAPA CONSTITUTION 1. NAME The name of the Association shall be "The South African Paralegal Association" (hereinafter referred to as "the Association"). The registered office of the Association shal...
What is SAPA?
About Us Although the idea of forming the Association was conceived a while ago, the amendments to the Legal Practice Bill catalyzed our formation of this Association. SAPA was formed on 29 January 2...

What is a Paralegal?

A paralegal is a person, qualified in law through education and/or work experience, whether employed within a law firm or working independently as a paralegal acting for and on behalf of clients, for his or her employer, union members and/or working in conjunction with and/or in association with attorneys and advocates.


Application for membership is open to all paralegals/legal assistants/students at a standard fee of R100.00 per person. The application forms can be downloaded from our website on the Membership page. Please use your ID number as a reference for any payments to SAPA.

Student Members
All individuals currently enrolled in an accredited paralega...
Affiliate Members
All individuals doing legal work for and on behalf of client...
Associate Members
Any employed paralegal/legal assistant, regardless of their ...
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The South African Paralegal Association Business Transactio...

Committee Members

Quinton D’Oliveira
Quinton D’Oliveira
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Mildred van der Scholtz
Mildred van der Scholtz
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